Triple Crown, Cannon Cliff

A couple months ago, Tyler and I climbed Moby Grape one Saturday morning and noticed that we topped out right around noon. The thought creeped into our mind that we should do Whitney Gilman as well since we still had around 7 hours of daylight left. We finished that day at 5pm when we returned to our cars.

Fast forward a couple months, we decided to go back for all 3; WG, MG, and Vertigo. Here is how it went down.

Due to Tyler needing to be back on Sunday at 7pm, we decided to start the climb at 11pm the night before, giving us plenty of time to climb and make the drive back to Boston. We planned to do MG first, then Vertigo, then WG.

We cruised MG with headlamps to the top. Day broke just as we unroped which was perfect timing for our descent back down to the talus field.


We got to the base of Vertigo at 6:30am and took a quick one hour nap, waking up just as we heard some climbers heading up the path. I wonder what they would have thought if they saw us sleeping at the base of Cannon. I wonder if they would have thought we fell, as we were just laying there, right on the rocks.

At 7:30am, we started Vertigo and the rising sun was a welcomed relief. The previous night’s temperatures dropped to about 40F. Vertigo went quickly and after rapping down, we made our way over to WG.

To our surprise, WG was not as crowded as it usually is on a weekend, with only a couple parties on the upper pitches. We did it in 3 pitches and topped out around 2pm.


Car to car, we did it in 16 hours. Pretty sweet day.



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