2007 Kawasaki Ninja 250

About 2 months ago, I bought a 2007 Ninja 250 with 14k miles from Craigslist for $900. This is what they look like.


I’m not really a fan of the sport bike look so I started taking pieces off bit by bit. These are the most before picture I have, I guess I just couldn’t wait to get the fairings off! I immediately did an oil change and had some issues with the idle, but I think I have it under control now.



I trimmed the side fairings using a dremel, pretty straightforward. If I were to do it again, I would have changed the angles to protect the fuse box better. You can see the headlight assembly is weird looking without the front fairing attached. Had to do some thing about that.


I got a 7in round headlight from Speedmotoco and all in all I’m happy with it. The headlight turn signal bracket kit was $100 and the quality is good. If I were to do it again, I would have gotten everything from Ebay, it’s all the same stuff and it would have cost me half the amount. In fact, the rear turn signals are from Ebay and they were identical to the ones that came with the kit. Much cheaper. Also, I was not happy that the low beam bulb blew out within 7 days off use.


I really tried to save the stock gauge cluster and reuse what I could. I even got the tach and speedo out of the plastic and mounted them in these camping mugs. In the process of drilling out the holes in the mugs, I destroyed the microchip in the tach so that sucked. In the end, got a trail tech but still need to install it. I hope it is not too painful. I think it’s for the best, the low profile look will be nice. I did manage to save the idiot lights which is nice.


I trimmed the front fender and painted it black, along with the side fairings. I found some black spray paint laying around but it was charcoal black, I would have preferred black black but I’m not worried about it.


I got a new tail light from Amazon and mounted the rear turn signals using a custom bracket. Big improvement from the ugly stock taillight.


I used a bicycle rear rack mount and cut it up to fabricate something to mount everything. Lucky to have that laying around


So that’s about it! Took a ton of weight off and I much prefer this look. Also had a lot of fun so win win!


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