Karma Police Piano Cover

My parents just left for Taiwan for two months so I am housesitting for them. Nothing much to do out here in the burbs. They have a piano though and I started playing around with it again after a 10 year hiatus.

I put about 6 hours of work into Karma Police and though it’s not perfect, I can play it through all the way now pretty comfortably and enjoyably.

They left on Monday and I practiced about an hour a day and today is Saturday. I find it interesting that I make the biggest jumps in improvement after the night passes. Maybe it’s something about giving my brain time to solidify the muscle memory, or maybe it’s the fact that after an hour of practicing, I’m not as focused and efficiency goes down.

Either way I’m playing about an hour a day and then coming back the next day. Working on some Pink Floyd songs off of Dark Side now.



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